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June 06, 2008


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Sounds like you are having a lovely holiday..Napolen is a beauty. She must be enjoying all the TLC. Hugs, Linda


First - the mare is BEAUTIFUL! And I do know from my sister, that they do mourn their loss of a foal. So good for you and her owner for recognizing she need a little pampering.

Second - thanks for the suggestion of the photos! Love you!

Third - speaking of love you - thank you ever so much for thinking of my daughter April & little Emily in her journal project! I can;t thank you two sisters enough for all the friendship & love you have shown.. :-)

Grandma Rosie

She is lovely. My grand daughter would be in love!


How lucky you are to have that beautiful horse to spoil. Can't wait to see some pictues and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!


we miss you!! have fun with your blisters!

and if i effed that up... i was only trying to be irish or at least funny.

what a beautiful horse.... amazing that even horses might feel 'sad'

enjoy your

kimme @ irish cottage dreams

Napoleon was sooo sweet! I fed her oats and
Patrick spent much time talking sweetly to her.
We had the best time at your cottage! I have posted
a few pics on my blog but sadly I didnt' take any of
Napoleon as I didn't want to scare her.

Hugs, Kimme


She's so sweet - what a shame about her foal. I'm sure she'll love being spoilt by you.

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