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May 18, 2008


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kimme @ irish cottage dreams

Awe the pics are so lovely!!!

Dig your cow slippers! very cool!

Sorry to hear that Paul was unable to
go with you.....looks like you girlies had a
nice time together none the less :)

I can't wait to visit your cottage. It looks
so beautiful there. Thank you for inviting us!
hugs, Kimme


Imagine that 2 of those crazy ladies (Zinda and Angie) are coming to visit me in July in Canada. The country will never be the same!! I'll be deported!! Therese


Awwww ye feckers!
You foooled me!
Damn leprechauns!

I thought I was even more popular: til I saw Ang and Pam's heads in the pic. ;)

Glad your Holliers WAS fabulous . I'll meet you in a pub one day to watch the match and embarass myself in another country. White O Morn is first on my list.




OH you SOB'S it's not EVEN PAM.

Pam was the photo taker I take it?

Fooled me twice!


Ok, now I have to dig out the maps and find all those places you are talking about. Your view is incredible and you're so lucky to look out a window and see it! I love hearing about your home and all the places you visit. Thanks for sharing!


More great view for me to save and savor! Looks like you all had a great time. Even the shopping, although a terrible chore, must have been fun! I love all the pics and feel as though I was a mouse in the corner watching all of this - thanks for that!

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